European Guitar Quartet

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„Passion and melancholia transform to a great soundscape… this very special summit of four world class guitarists reveals a thrilling demonstration of virtuosity and musical dynamic.“


"The performance by the EUROPEAN GUITAR QUARTET is one of those musical events that leaves the public full of positive energy for a long time.”

"The dance-like pieces were breathtaking, contrasting the slow touching pieces which sounded like angel´s voices!"

(Magazine Harmonie, CZ)

“A spellbinding embrace of classical and world music.

The birth of a new shining star in the guitar sky on the Festival ?s opening night. This is by no means an exaggeration. What the two classic icons Pavel Steidl (Czech Republic) and Zoran Dukic (Croatia) with German Reentko and Thomas Fellow (Dresden) were able to create in their concert debut as a European Guitar Quartet would conquer even the most rigid skeptics ? admiration. In addition to brilliant interpretations out of tango compositions by legendary Astor Piazzolla, it was above all Reentko ?s composition "Danza non Danza" that stroke the ear. While Steidl and Dukic explored rather the depths of phrasing, Fellow and Dirks seeked for a sensitive, rhythmically tasteful integration of classic sounds. Classic meets world music, innovation meets interpretation, Romanticism (Steidl) and Balkan folklore (Dukic) meet Groove (Fellow) and percussion (Reentko) -

a successful, majestic experiment basing on mutual high respect.“

(R. Redemund/ Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten)

“Enthusiastically celebrated by the audience

Four different temperaments and characters presented …(music) in front of an impassioned audience, which went along enthusiastic from the first moment on and applauded at the end even with Indian howling”

(Oberbayrisches Volksblatt)